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Looking for Beautiful Hollywood Hills Rentals? The Legendary Houdini Estate Can Be Yours

Have you been searching for beautiful Hollywood Hills rentals? The gorgeous $15 million Houdini Estate is a great choice for people looking for short-term Hollywood Hills rentals. You will never stay on another property quite like the Houdini Estate.

Spectacular Airbnb Hollywood Hills

The unique Houdini Estate is one of the most original Hollywood Hills rentals ever. It was constructed in the early 20th century by an associate of Harry Houdini and has been gorgeously appointed according to early 20thcentury styles. If you want to enjoy a truly special Airbnb Hollywood Hills, there is nothing like the Houdini Estate.

Guests have the opportunity to experience this fascinating mansion, waterways, gardens, and secret tunnels. Also, you can marvel at the many centenary trees on five lush acres of gardens maintained every day by a dozen gardeners, so it always looks perfect.

There Aren’t Better Beverly Hills Homes for Rent Anywhere

People who want Beverly Hills homes for rent are always amazed at the Houdini Estate. You can enjoy beautiful artwork in unusual places, flowers that are curated by the season, and many shady and sunny areas that are ideal for photographs and timeless memories.

Also, there are nine levels for entertaining, and you can walk for hours on gorgeous hiking trails. Guests also can enjoy a natural spring, a 3-story, picturesque waterfall, and several Jacuzzis – indoor and outdoor.

There Is So Much More Beauty to Enjoy at the Houdini Estate

The Houdini mansion also has abundant wildlife –golden koi, peacocks, turtles, bullfrogs, herons, deer and much more. You can enjoy all of this at this fantastic Airbnb in Hollywood Hills – just two stop lights from the Sunset Strip.

The Houdini Estate also has a deep-water tank where Houdini reportedly practiced his underwater feats. It is rumored that Houdini used this tank many times to practice his escapes before he died in 1926.

Want to See the Houdini Estate Today?

Because of its fame and unique beauty, there are many showing requests. But the Estate does not often open the gates to visitors. If you want to be selected, the Estate requests that your party offer a $100 charitable donation for a tour.  A Representative will open the Estate for you for a private tour of the estate and explain how you can best use the Houdini Estate for your event or a short term.

If you want lower cost options, there is a 20% discount for January, 15% for February, and 10% in March.

Contact The Houdini Estate Today for A Spectacular Hollywood Hills Rental

The Houdini Estate is one of the top Hollywood Hills rentals listed on Yelp, Historic Places LA, Wedding Wire, and Survey LA.  CLICK HERE for more information on how to rent this gorgeous property.

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