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Shoot from a Tarzan movie to a music video. Come to the Houdini Estate. 1,001 Locations, Parking for 80 cars.

If your company is looking for fantastic filming locations Los Angeles, there is truly no other property like this in LA.
Unique Filming Locations Los Angeles Today

Movie studios looking for filming locations Los Angeles will not believe this property. The Houdini Estate is one of the most unique filming locations Los Angeles today!
With 9 different terraces, it was constructed in the early 20th century by the legendary Harry Houdini and rehabbed over time. Movie studios and other companies that need a special filming location stop looking when they see the Houdini Estate.
A stunning mansion, gardens, secret tunnels and many large trees provide backdrop for countless nature shots and scenes. The Houdini Estate boasts five manicured and lush acres of gardens that are carefully maintained each day by a team of 15 gardeners.

Where to Go For Movie Filming Los Angeles?

Everyone who lays eyes on this property are amazed at the beauty and uniqueness of the Houdini Estate. Your film shoot team will have countless shots and angles to consider – the gorgeous artwork tucked in unusual places, lovely flowers that are curated for each season….plus there are many shady and sunny areas that are ideal for film shoots.
The Houdini Estate mansion has nine levels to explore for your filming requirements. Also, consider some shots on the property’s long hiking trails. There also is a scenic natural spring, a three-story waterfall, and three Jacuzzis you can enjoy on a break.
Endless Beauty at the Houdini Estate For Your Filming Location!

The Houdini mansion also has wildlife that are perfect for film shoots – golden koi, peacocks, turtles, bullfrogs, herons, deer and more. All this extraordinary beauty and dramatic settings for films is available at the Houdini mansion, only two streets from the Sunset Strip.
That special Houdini magic is still here almost 100 years later and is just waiting to be filmed by your team. This lovely property has been carefully restored and is ready for all types of filming needs. It is beautiful, mysterious, moody, and just ideal for movie shoots. It also has all the amenities you need, such as high-speed Wi-Fi, satellite TV, barbecue patio, outdoor fireplaces, and more.
Call the Houdini Estate Today For Your Next Movie Filming

The Houdini Estate is known as one of the best places to have parties and gatherings in Los Angeles according to Yelp, Historic Places LA, Wedding Wire, Google Reviews, and Survey LA. This property will make an amazing backdrop for your next filming location Los Angeles, call (323) 886-4949 or click here.

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