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We love the place, Jose and his team. They are great. Jose is very eccentric which is why the property has some really wild decor like a couple of 2 million year old pieces of petrified wood, a waterfall, a beautiful well imported from France, a mongolian yurt and the alien from the Alien movie.

— Alex S., via Yelp

The Houdini Mansion is beautiful. It’s HUGE and beautiful! My girlfriend rented the mansion for her birthday weekend. What a great idea!!! :)

I drove up the driveway…if you continue to drive past the house it leads you to the park area where you can park probably like 30 or more cars. It’s unbelievable.

The kitchen is beautiful, dining room is large, living room is very comfy, and there are lots of bedrooms. I mostly hung out in the back where my friends were DJ-ing and dancing. We were all very comfortable there. It was like someone’s rich and fancy new home. We just felt at ease. Of course later on I was reading how it’s supposedly haunted since Houdini’s wife would do seances to try to talk to her husband. I can’t remember if he haunts it or if his wife does but, oh well! It was a great time, very comfy, and lots of space. It was like a private club!


— CJ J., via Yelp

Very interesting and fun.

— Todd P., via Yelp

I spent a good 2 days at the Houdini Mansion.

I was shooting a music video there for a rock star…(night shoot).

Is the house beautiful? Yes, absolutely…The…grand staircase…is at the peak of the driveway, which is outdoors and goes all the way up the hill to an open grassy area.

I remember inside being more architectural, with unique placement of rooms and doorways. There are cool hand sculptures reaching out of some of the walls, which of course, adds to the fun vibe its reputation already has.

The MAZE of staircases in the garden between the house/driveway and lower yard…is *awesome*.   Its a totally cool, erie place to get purposely lost in at night, just not in heels! (We filmed a cool chase scene in there!).

The land-lady/property manger was…helpful.

I could see it more for weddings than wild parties. Loved it though! :)

Oh, and we forgot a fake severed head in the upstairs kitchen fridge, apparently it gave the maintenance guys a good scare the next day :-p

— Tara G., via Yelp

My husband and I rented The Houdini Estate for our wedding… and it was absolutely fantastic!

We wanted to get married somewhere beautiful, but also fun and unusual…The photos of the place looked wonderful and the price was right. And...we feel in love with it! We could not have found a better place. The house itself is beautiful, but it was the expansive gardens that really sold it to me. There are many little paths throughout the gardens that give it a secret-garden type of feel. As you are walking through the gardens you come upon different flowers, many sculptures, a waterfall, little benches, etc.

We used one area of the gardens for the ceremony and dinner and another area of the gardens for appetizers and drinks. Then we had dancing and dessert up on the porch of the house and by the pool. It was fun to use so many different parts of the property throughout the event.

Since we did everything on site, we avoided transportation costs. They already had glass jars for flowers available. So, I bought flowers at Trader Joe’s the day before the wedding and made bouquets for all the tables. We didn't decorate much or put too many bouquets together because there were already so many beautiful flowers growing all over the Estate. There is a kitchen there that our caterers were able to use…We had beautiful fires going in the fireplaces in the evening!

We really enjoyed staying here overnight and it simplified things on the wedding day! …We were also able to have our rehearsal dinner at the estate…And on the wedding day, our reception started to wind down around 8 pm, but since we were staying there overnight, close friends of ours stayed later into the evening. We kicked back in a more informal way and enjoyed each other’s company. It was a really warm, natural wind-down to the event that we never would have achieved in a venue with a set end time for the event.

Really, we couldn't have been happier with how everything turned out!

— Brooke T., via Yelp

I recently had a 50th Birthday party for my Husband at The Houdini Estate....All I can say is that the place is magical and amazing! The grounds and gardens are spectacular. Lori Seyer was very informed and helpful and very attentive to all of our needs. Everything was exactly as planned and the party was a huge success! From the initial planning until the actual party everything was coordinated to detail.

Thank you Lori and your wonderful staff for a magical evening with our friends and family!

— Cindy B., via Yelp

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