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The five-acre estate features an expansive lawn, terraced gardens filled with exotic plants, a rock waterfall, a natural-spring pond, an hour of hiking trails with an unexpected ocean view, and romantic gazebos with stunning canyon vistas. The property’s three full bedrooms plus bonus room comfortably sleeps eight, although up to 12 have stayed overnight with the use of sofas and roll-away beds. A master suite features a carved-stone mantelpiece and a spacious bathroom with a whirlpool tub. Four full baths inside and one half-bath outside are available for residents and guests. The open-plan kitchens are fully appointed. High-speed Internet, satellite television, outdoor fireplaces, barbecue patios, a heated pool, and an outdoor spa are part of the amenities. The fenced and gated estate is six minutes from Sunset Boulevard, 10 minutes from Beverly Hills, and 13 minutes from Universal Studios.





What Is The Mystique Of The Houdini Estate®?

This centrally located, $15 million private landmark can be all yours short term. It provides a unique and exclusive way to escape the banality of the usual hotels and the inconvenience of distant venues. In addition to enjoying the historic house beautifully decorated according to Houdini’s era, you will experience the magic of century-old trees in five acres of romantic gardens tended by 15 gardeners and sustained by The Estate's natural spring water; intriguing artwork in unexpected places; seasonally curated flowers; fabulous sunny and shady photographic vistas; nine terraced levels for entertainment, meals, and ceremonies; hours of hiking trails; hidden passageways; a three-story waterfall, and outdoor and indoor spas. 


Adding a unique charm to The Estate are brilliantly colored koi, regal peacocks, inquisitive turtles, giant bullfrogs, stately blue herons, and wild deer and their babies. Your guests will never be bored. All of this in famed Laurel Canyon, two traffic lights from Hollywood Blvd. When your celebration is at the mythical Houdini Estate, don't expect empty chairs - people do come. They will remember your event for a lifetime. (Click The Wall Street Journal article at https://goo.gl/rVaQVt and the Newsbreak article at https://share.newsbreak.com/p4as4g08.)


All proceeds go to charity

You get the entire Estate for up to an eight-hour event with a night included. Count hosts, guests, vendors, staff, and performers in your total approximate headcount.


We receive many requests to see The Estate, but the property rarely opens its gates to just visitors; we request a $100 donation to send someone knowledgeable about the property and event possibilities to open the gates to your group for an exclusive tour. Your $100 goes to an IRS-recognized charity, and you receive a $100 credit toward your rent. Bring comfortable shoes and reserve an hour for the showing. We are kid- and pet-friendly.

Friday and Saturday                                                         
Rate #1 –– Up to 100 people, $17,990

Rate #2 –– 101 to 125 people, $19,990
Rate #3 –– 126 to 150 people, $21,990
Rate #4 –– 151 to 175 people, $23,990
Rate #5 –– 176 to 200 people, $25,990

Rate #6 –– 201 to 225 people, $27,990

Rate #7 –– 226 to 250 people, $29,990

Rate #8 –– 251 to 275 people, $31,990
Rate #9 –– 276 to 300 people, $33,990

Rate #10 –– 301 to 350 people, $37,990

Rate #11 –– 351 to 400 people, $41,990

Rate #12 –– 401 to 450 people, $45,990

Rate #13 –– 451 to 500 people, $49,990

More than 500 people, please inquire.

Sunday to Thursday

Rate #14 ––  Up to 25 people, $5,990

Rate #15 ––  26 to 50 people, $7,990

Rate #16 ––  51 to 75 people, $9,990

Rate #17 –– 76 to 100 people, $11,990

Rate #18 –– 101 to 125 people, $13,990

Rate #19 –– 126 to 150 people, $15,990

Rate #20 –– 151 to 175 people, $17,990

Rate #21 –– 176 to 200 people, $19,990

Rate #22 –– 201 to 225 people, $21,990

Rate #23 –– 226 to 250 people, $23,990

Rate #24 –– 251 to 275 people, $25,990

Rate #25 –– 276 to 300 people, $27,990

Rate #26 –– 301 to 350 people, $37,990

Rate #27 –– 351 to 400 people, $41,990

Rate #28 –– 401 to 450 people, $45,990

Rate #29 –– 451 to 500 people, $49,990

For complex, elaborate events, weekend rates apply.

There is a $250 penalty charge above any rate you pre-select for each additional person actually attending the event; a charge of 10% of the rental amount for each additional hour beyond eight hours the event overextends; and a 10% holiday surcharge for national holidays, Valentine's Day, Easter, and related weekends due to overtime personnel.


You are welcome to arrive at 3 p.m. to prepare The Estate, have a celebration, spend the night before or after your event, and enjoy the property until the 11 a.m. departure. You may book a half day if you need additional time.


Cleaning: $399
Extra rollaway bed: $99 each
Outdoor heater: $89 each
Pool heating: $100 each day
Firewood per fireplace service: $59
City tax: 14% of only the overnight portion of the rent


The fenced and gated Estate can park 50 cars for a typical gathering and up to 150 cars with a valet. For events with more than 250 people, shuttles, Uber, and Lyft should be used. You can host up to 1,500 people.


We provide The Estate and its engineering support staff; there are no upsales. You have the creative freedom to bring your own caterers, musicians, equipment, rentals, and decorations. We’re also happy to make suggestions and help you plan your event.


Outdoor amplified music up to 95 decibels is allowed until 10 p.m. per ordinance; indoor music can go until 1:30 a.m.
A LIVE BAND performance surcharge is $4,000.


You can also book an overnight stay. Eight people can sleep in the house's four bedrooms, plus three more on couches.

Inquire if you need nearby houses to lodge guests.

Weekend night for up to 15 people: $3,750 (Friday-Saturday)
Weekday night for up to 15 people: $1,750 (Sunday-Thursday)

Early access, if available, at 11 a.m.: $1,750
Each additional group of up to 10 people beyond 15: $3,000


Events receive a 20% discount of the event rate in January, 15% discount in February, and a 10% discount in March.


Private photography or filming sessions at the property are available Sunday to Friday. Saturdays can be reserved only within 30 days of the desired date, not before. The minimum charge is $1,796 for up to 4 hours for up to 15 people. If you wish to shoot inside the house, there is an additional $500 charge. There is access to two restrooms outside.


A 10% reservation fee, with a $2,000 minimum, holds your desired dates and is non-refundable; however, with a 10% handling charge, the rental date can be changed. The first third of the remaining balance is due 30 days after paying the reservation fee; the second third is due 120 days before your arrival, and the last payment is due no later than 90 days prior to the rental. Shorter reservation times require total payment upfront. Credit cards, checks, wires, and cash are accepted. Weddings need a 40% security deposit; other events require a 100% security deposit.


E-mail us at info@TheHoudiniEstate.com or fill out the form below.

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